The Upper Galaxy | Apparel & Accessories | COVID-19

We have reopened both of our factories in the United States (hooray)! After legal clarification by the Nevada and Pennsylvania governments, we are now able to operate our facilities by enacting strict health and safety guidelines.

By keeping our production employees at a distance of 6 feet, cleaning surfaces at the beginning and end of shifts, and promoting hand washing, we are able to both keep our employees safe and produce orders for your customers.

We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our production employees and their communities and are happy to see products run through our facilities again and land safely at your customers’ doorsteps. As you know, the situation surrounding COVID-19 is very dynamic and can change quickly. We’ll certainly keep you up to date on anything that affects your Shops and your customers.

Details about limited product availability

Certain products will also be considered “out of stock” for the time being. This is because these take much longer to produce than other products and we need to focus on producing as much as possible with a reduced amount of production employees.

Please find the full list of products currently shown as “out of stock”

Moreover, in order to keep production with a limited amount of employees manageable, we are temporarily deactivating our promotions feature (under Shop Settings > Promo & Prices > Promotions). For now, this will affect all of the current and future promotions in your Shop.

Lastly, our delivery times can be a little longer than usual. You can check current delivery times in our FAQS.

Information for our European platform

A majority of our employees had already began working from home since beginning of March. We have been able to ensure a smooth transition and will continue to provide services for you and your customers. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have prioritized our employees’ safety while protecting our business. We have done this by minimizing the potential impact on our processes and services. For example, our remaining European production sites are currently all still operating at their normal level of efficiency. Lastly, our customer service remains fully operational. Delivery time has been prolonged by two days to every country, as we are encountering delays at the borders. The global Spreadshop team is working tirelessly on solutions.

We all have a shared responsibility to reduce the impact of this virus. The Upper Galaxy is embracing our responsibility and taking all necessary actions to do our part in this effort. We remain alert and ready to adapt our measures in light of new developments and hope you understand that the situation can change from day to day.


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