#YoYah| Studio Upgrades| AP

I know it’s been a while, just about a month! My laptop was a bit shaky and honestly through off my vibe. So I talked to TMH, fasted, researched, and was patient. The word says “In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.” so I did just that! He provided increase and understanding. It’s not my time. It’s His time, His will, His way! I was recording with Studio One Pro 4 on a 8gb ram with 500gb ssd. Now I’m using Pro Tools HD on a 16gb ram with 2tb hdd! 🦁

Here’s a clip from tonight’s session which took all of 30 minutes lol! I learn quick! ✖️🧢 No edits. No clean up. These are raw vocals. If I went to someone’s studio they’d charge me $25-$50+ just for this session. Thank Yah for GROWTH & OWNERSHIP! 🤲🏽

BackSlidin’ Prod by WarpMND80 – Ya’el Hannāh

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